Quail Island

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  • Quail Island


    The 4km swim is a direct line over to Quail Island and after a light refreshment a direct line back. You’ll have fantastic perspectives of the volcano rim throughout the swim and a view of Quail Island only seen by a few.

    The 8km swims timed to start 1.5 hours prior to High Tide. Ideally you’ll swim around the back of Quail Island at high/slack tide and have a gentle outgoing tidal push to help bring you home in Naval Point. Distance is about 8km in total.


    2019 / 2020 dates:

    • 14 December 2019  4km (Naval Point – Quail Island return) Spaces Available
    • 15 January 2020 8km (Naval Point – around Quail and return) Spaces Available
    • 8 February 2020 4km (Naval Point – Quail Island) Spaces Available