Introducing Real Swim Adventures

Press Release July 2013

Introducing RealSwim Adventures

Realswim Adventures are extraordinary swimming experiences in the beautiful waters of New Zealand and the Cook Islands. RealSwim locations are surrounded by some of the world’s most breath taking scenery.

A lifetime of conventional swimming inspired RealSwim Adventures founder Dan Abel to create a swim experience like no other; ‘I have coached hundreds of swimmers both in the pool and the open water. Many swimmers love competition but for a large majority, the swim experience is much more than a finish line and a finisher’s medal. I wanted to create swim activities that are not just about swimming as fast as you can or beating the person next to you.’

RealSwim Adventures is about experiencing and enjoying the open water. The playground is the water; The RealSwim Adventures concept is based on the belief that swimming, even when learning or training, should be fun both in and out of the water. Sharing food or drink afterwards deepens the sense of reward and pleasure from the swim experience.

RealSwim Adventures has assembled an amazing line up of renowned swimming and triathlon experts including; Fit and Abel swim coach Dan Abel, Open Water legend Philip Rush, Ex Olympic swimmer and Olympic Swim Coach Brett Naylor, Former Ironman World Champion Scott Molina and triple Olympic swimmer Helen Norfolk.

Whether it’s a relaxing swim around an amazing reef in warm tropical clear waters, taking on the challenging Cook Strait or preparing for a triathlon, we craft the perfect blend of coaching and adventure.

Come and join us on a RealSwim Adventure of a lifetime.