Fit and Abel Coaching Tips

Coaching Tip

Race day is not the time to figure out that your wetsuit doesn’t fit right, you can’t swim in a straight line or you feel uncomfortable not being able to touch the bottom.
Our coaching is designed to help you get prepared for all the small factors that can cause apprehension during an open water swim; the right equipment, comfort in natural water temperatures, deep water, currents, wind and waves. Gaining come insight into these factors helps swimmers become more confident which allows you to focus on the important item; enjoying your open water swim.

Nervous Equals Ready
Those butterflies in your stomach, that heightened sensation prior to an open water swim; these sensations which we commonly call ‘nerves’ are your bodies’ way of getting ready for the work ahead. Nerves are good. It means you are ready.
Nerves can be accentuated if you are under prepared. If you have not done any open water swimming some practice swims in open water is recommended prior to racing in open water. You can come and join us for a relaxed supervised open water training session.
Once you have done some preparation you will feel more confident. It is then time to accept the butterflies in your stomach as a good thing rather than fighting them and trying to make them go away. Realise that most every single person on the start line will have nervousness of differing levels. It is perfectly natural.
Once the starter sounds your nerves will help you get started. The problem is nervousness in this situation will help you swim faster than you ever have before if you don’t control the situation. Letting your nerves carrying you out too fast at the start can result in feeling overloaded, out of breath and apprehensive after only 100 or 200 metres. You are far better consciously holding your pace back for the first 100 or 200 metres. After which time you’ll find the nerves have settled, your body has physiologically adjusted to the workload and you can get on with the job at hand … having a great swim.
Remember : Nervous Equals Ready