Custom Swim Adventures


If you are coming to New Zealand and looking for an Open Water Swim Experience but don’t have the time for one of our week long RealSwim experiences or want something special for your travel group then Custom RealSwim experiences are for you.

Potential swims are;

Quail Island Real Swim Adventure. Set in Christchurch’s iconic Lyttelton harbour a one way Quail Island swim is 2km. During the swim you can stop and soak in the beauty of the surrounding ridge tops that are created by the historic volcanic rim. Other options include 2km, 4km and 8km Quail swims. All tide and weather dependent.

Lake Pearson High Country; Experience the beauty of the New Zealand High Country, the drive to Lake Pearson is inspiring itself. We’ll pick up a coffee during our 1.5 hour drive from Christchurch to Lake Pearson. Lake Pearson is a wildlife refuge nestled at the foot of a large ‘hill’. On a good day you’ll see the hill and your own reflection mirrored in the glass of the lake. You won’t be disturbed by the roar of a motor boat here. This 3/4 day trip departs early from Christchurch.

Other custom options are limited only by your imagination; New Zealand has limitless open water swim opportunities

All custom trips are available November through March for private bookings only.

Price on application.


You tell us

Create your own itinerary to suit. Feel free to contact us if you need any guidance or suggestions


Contact us with your suggested dates and we will confirm availability


Essentials Needed

  • Due to the different environmental conditions at the various locations we will send you a list of essentials once we confirm your itinerary.


I want my own swim adventure in New Zealand, how long can it be and how much will it cost?

Length, location and cost of a custom trip in New Zealand depends entirely on your sense of adventure and your budget.

Do you have any recommended swims?

We are based out of Christchurch New Zealand. We have two local iconic swims ; the Quail Island sea swim which can be a 2km crossing, a 4 km double crossing or an 8km round Island swim. We also have a high country lake option at Lake Pearson, an iconic high country location. Swims are suitable for individual or groups. Other swim options in New Zealand depend entirely on your sense of adventure, time-frame and your budget.


Your options are only limited by your imagination. Contact us if you would like some guidance or assistance in putting your trip together.