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  • Epic Taupo

    Book with deposit of $180. Full price for shared accommodation $899.

    Price includes GST

    From: $140
  • Nelson Lakes

    Bookings are closed for 2017. 2018 Dates will be released in early 2017. Accommodation options include:

    • Shared Standard Room – NZ$450 Per Person
    • Own Standard Room – NZ$599 Per Person

    Start Date: 9th March 2018

    Finish Date: 11th March 2018

    Price includes GST

    From: $150
  • Quail Island

    The 4km swim is a direct line over to Quail Island and after a light refreshment a direct line back. You’ll have fantastic perspectives of the volcano rim throughout the swim and a view of Quail Island only seen by a few.

    The 8km swims timed to start 1.5 hours prior to High Tide. Ideally you’ll swim around the back of Quail Island at high/slack tide and have a gentle outgoing tidal push to help bring you home in Corsair Bay. Distance is about 8km in total.

    Summer 2017 / 2018 dates:

    • 1 April 2017 4km (Corsair Bay – Quail Island return)
    • 04 Feb 2017 4km (Corsair Bay – Quail Island return)(Sold out)
    • 11 Feb 2017 4km (Corsair Bay – Quail Island return) (Sold out)
    • 16 December 2017  4km (Corsair Bay – Quail Island return) Spaces Available
    • 6 January 2018 8km (Naval Point – Quail Island return)Spaces Available
    • 3 February 2018  4km (Corsair Bay – Quail Island return) Spaces Available
    • 10 February 2018  4km (Corsair Bay – Quail Island return) Spaces Available
    • 7 April 2018  4km (Corsair Bay – Quail Island return) Spaces Available

    Price Includes GST

    From: $70
  • Real Swim Official T-Shirt – White-Unisex

    From: $40
  • Real Swim Official Towel – White

    Great value at $20NZD plus postage.

    From: $20
  • Real Swim Towel Poncho

    Get dry and keep warm with your very own Real Swim Towel Poncho!!!

    Delivery is $10.50 nationwide or free to collect from us.

    From: $65
  • RealSwim Bag

    Was $50, Now $45 for this great RealSwim Bag. Delivery charges are as follows
    – Aus $9.50
    – Rest of World $18.50

    Standard Fit Belt (to fit up to 95cm)
    Extra Fit Belt (to fit up to 110cm)

    From: $45
  • RealSwim Official Hoodie – Blue-Unisex

    From: $59
  • Rinsekit

    With no pumping and no batteries, RinseKit delivers a pressurized spray for up to three minutes. RinseKit stores the strength of a regular household spigot or sink (with adapter) and can be quickly filled with hot or cold water. RinseKit’s patented design features the eon™ pressure system that holds up to 2 gallons of water with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower.

    From: $162.50
  • Southern Lakes

    Southern Lakes

    Swim guiding and safety cover, dinner on Thursday night, drinks and snacks when swimming
    Cost $400 basic price (accommodation not included) or $650 with accommodation

    From: $150