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Thanks to great friend, mentor and top bloke (oh and x4 Olympic game attendee!) Brett Naylor of Aquagym swim centre for some fun and games today. It's still a little brisk for the outdoor stuff so Brett pulled out the watch and dished up the following set for me; 3 x (6 x 50M) 10 seconds rest between 50's, 2 mins between sets. Heart rate measured immediately after each 6 x 50(you need to get in quick) and then 1 minute later. Heart rate/ heart rate recovery is a great way to measure intensity and also fitness (eg how quickly you are recovering) .You too can be coached by Brett each Wednesday morning 5.30am or 6am starts for his group swims. It's a great time of year to work on technique and fitness before we hit the open water. - Dan ... See MoreSee Less

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Well done Simon, you've achieved so much in such a short time and you are now inspiring so many others...

"I did it!!
Breaking those chains of fear has actually given me the confidence to believe that I could break any fear.
That one big chain of the fear of deep water has been broken, which I believe can lead to the breaking of other smaller chains ...a chain reaction...
I cannot describe to you the smile I had on my face, having stepped off that boat into the beautiful warm, turquoise blue Adriatic.. a far cry from the challenging temperatures of Tooting Lido.
The salinity the water makes all the difference too. It was a freedom that I hadn't experienced until that moment and it was one of the most liberating ones of my life so far.
I just wish I had started earlier.
For those that have that fear ...I would say confront it... your mind is a powerful prison.
Dan, I couldn't have done it without you; Your expert tuiition, your patience, your dedication, your positivity of all things, and your belief in what I could achieve (and indeed what I have achieved) in a very short space of time.

Thank you Dude!! (As you would say ;))


Ps. Thanks Natasha!"

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